Mr. Kotzebue to Mr. Olney.

No. 233.]

Mr. Secretary of State: Referring to the note dated the 17th of March last, whereby your excellency was pleased to inform me that the case of Mr. Dahlberg, [Page 332]captain and owner of the Russian schooner Hans, has been transmitted to the Department of Justice, I have the honor to have recourse to your accustomed courtesy, begging that you will communicate to me the conclusions of the Attorney-General.

If the facts have been in effect such as have been communicated to me, they present an incontestable gravity. Moreover, Captain Dahlberg, assailed in his material interest as well as in his moral position, claims to be indemnified.

In case the procedure in his case has been really illegal and contrary to the stipulations of our treaty of commerce and navigation of 1832, I deem it my duty to recommend this reclamation to your most serious attention.

I embrace this opportunity, etc.,