Translation of a cablegram received by Minister Wu on July 20, 1900, from the taotai of Shanghai, dated July 19, 1900.

Have received a telegram from Governor Yuan (of Shantung), dated 23d day of this moon (July 19), who, having received from the privy council (at Pekin) a dispatch embodying an Imperial letter to the President [Page 13] of the United States, has instructed me to transmit it to your excellency. The Imperial message is respectfully transmitted, as follows:

The Emperor of China to His Excellency the President of the United States, greeting:

China has long maintained friendly relations with the United States and is deeply conscious that the object of the United States is international commerce. Neither country entertains the least suspicion or distrust toward the other. Recent outbreaks of mutual antipathy between the people and Christian missions caused the foreign powers to view with unwarranted suspicion the position of the Imperial Government as favorable to the people and predjudicial to the missions, with the result that the Taku forts were attacked and captured. Consequently there has been clashing of forces with calamitous consequences. The situation has become more and more serious and critical. We have just received a telegraphic memorial from our envoy, Wu Tingfang, and it is highly gratifying to us to learn that the United States Government, having in view the friendly relations between the two countries, has taken a deep interest in the present situation. Now China, driven by the irresistible course of events, has unfortunately incurred well-nigh universal indignation. For settling the present difficulty, China places special reliance in the United States. We address this message to your excellency in all sincerity and candidness, with the hope that your excellency will devise measures and take the initiative in bringing about a concert of the powers for the restoration of order and peace. The favor of a kind reply is earnestly requested and awaited with the greatest anxiety.

Kwanghsu, twenty-sixth year, sixth moon, 23d day (July 19, 1900).

It is, therefore, my duty to transmit the above with the request that your excellency, in respectful obedience of Imperial wishes, will deliver the same to its high destination and favor me with a reply.

Yu Lien-yuen, Taotai at Shanghai.