Mr. Hay to Mr. Storer.

No. 254.]

Sir: Your dispatch, No. 190, of date May 13, 1899, is received; also your telegram of the 28th instant, which reads as follows:

Official promulgation to-day of decree repealing interdiction of importation of American cattle. Repeal takes effect May 31.

To-day the Belgian minister also communicated to this Department the following telegram just received from his Government:

Moniteur 28 publie arrêté levant interdiction bétail américain nouveau régimé édicté par arrêté royal 22 Janvier 1897, applicable à partir 31 mai. Informez Gouvernement.

From this it appears that the decree of January 22, 1897, is restored. If you have not already forwarded a copy of the regulations now to be enforced upon importation of American cattle, you will transmit such copy to this Department as soon as may be, in order that exporters may be fully informed of the conditions affecting their shipments to Belgium.

I am, etc.,

John Hay.