Mr. Adee to Count Vinci.

No. 500.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of to-day’s date in further relation to the pending investigation of the [Page 448] circumstances of the lynching of five persons of Italian origin at Tallulah, La., on the 20th of July last.

I have pleasure in repeating to you what I said to you in personal confidence, that the Department is assured by the governor of the State of Louisana that every effort is being put forth for the immediate and prompt application of the appropriate course of justice in this matter, and that the Government of the United States has every confidence that the assurances of the governor will be carried out so far as lies in his power.

In view of your statement that the acting royal consul at New Orleans has telegraphed to you that after a close investigation he has succeeded in obtaining ample evidence showing that the five persons lynched were all Italian subjects, and that he has forwarded to you a report on the subject, accompanied by documentary evidence, I have communicated the purport of this statement to the governor of Louisiana by telegraph, to the end that the Department may be supplied with such evidence as the authorities of the State may possess in regard to the citizenship of the lynched men.

Accept, etc.,

Alvey A. Adee.