Mr. Hay to Count Vinci.

No. 498.]

Sir: I have the honor to communicate to you the following telegram received last evening from the governor of Louisiana in reply to my telegraphic inquiries in relation to the lynching of Italians at Tallulah:

I am in receipt of the following from the sheriff of Madison Parish in reply to my telegrams of yesterday: “In conjunction with the other officials, I am investigating the recent lynching of Italians here, and shall do everything in my power to bring the guilty parties to justice. The result of these investigations will be laid before the grand jury at its next session. Written report asked for by you will be prepared and forwarded upon return of district judge, who is now absent. I have also been officially informed that three of the parties lynched were naturalized American citizens.

Murphy J. Foster,
Governor of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, La.

Accept, etc.,

John Hay.