Mr. Hay to Mr. Powell.

No. 341.]

Sir: I have to acknowledge the receipt of your No. 1191 of the 5th instant, San Domingo series, and your No. 545 of the same date, Haitian series.

In your first-mentioned dispatch you state that the Dominican charge at Port au Prince requested you to surrender two alleged Dominican refugees “said to be in the employ of the Vice-Consul-General Terres.”

It appears from your No. 545 that the parties were merely employed “in the tobacco plantation” belonging to Dr. Terres, and that the Haitian military authorities did not enter the legation or consular premises, but merely went to Dr. Terres’s residence. Even this is explained to have been the result of a blunder on the part of subordinate officials.

In view of these facts, the Department is of opinion that you had no authority whatever in the premises, either to grant or to refuse the surrender of the parties, or to approve their arrest.

I am, etc.,

John Hay.
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