Mr. Eustis to Mr. Olney.

No. 444.]

Sir: I send herewith a copy of the Yellow Book on Madagascar distributed day before yesterday to the Chambers. It contains the correspondence between the French Government and its representative in the island from December 17, 1885, date of the signing of the first treaty with the Hovas, to December 11, 1895, date of the decree withdrawing the management of the Madagascar affairs from the foreign office and placing it under the minister of colonies.

This correspondence gives the diplomatic history of the efforts of the French Government to substitute for the treaty of 1885, which was disregarded by the Hovas, another one defining in an unequivocal manner the nature of the French suzerainty, particularly with regard to the relations of the Malagasy Government with the foreign nations, and shows how the new treaty was signed after the success of the French expedition.

The only new fact which this correspondence brings to light is that Mr. Hanotaux, who had drafted the treaty of 1895, and who had intrusted it to the general commanding the French expedition when he left Paris, attempted later on to modify it in a manner which would have materially increased the power of France over the island, and that [Page 118] it is only because the instructions to that effect reached General Duchesne after the original treaty was signed that they were not carried out.

I inclose herewith a translation of the treaty as signed, and I italicise the parts which General Duchesne was to suppress had he received the instructions in time. You will readily see that these suppressions would have changed altogether the character of the instrument, which would not have been then a treaty—that is to say, an agreement between the two parties, but simply an act of submission of the Hovas.

It is believed, however, that the treaty will remain as it was signed, although doubts are expressed on that point.

I have, etc.,

J. B. Eustis.
[Inclosure in No. 444.—Translation.]

Treaty between France and the Malagasy Government, signed October 1, 1895.

The Government of the French Republic and the Government of the Queen of Madagascar, with the view of putting an end to the difficulties which have arisen between them, have appointed [here follow the names], who, after an interchange of credentials, have agreed upon the following:

The Government of Her Majesty the Queen of Madagascar recognizes and accepts the protectorate of France with all its consequences.
The Government of the French Republic will be represented at the court of her Majesty the Queen of Madagascar by a resident-general.
The Government of the French Republic will represent Madagascar in all its exterior relations. The resident-general will have charge of the relations with the agents of foreign powers. Questions relating to foreigners in Madagascar will be transacted through his agency. The diplomatic and consular agents of France abroad will be intrusted with the protection of the subjects and the interests of Madagascar.
The Government of the French Republic reserves the right of maintaining in Madagascar the military forces necessary for the exercise of its protectorate. It binds itself to lend a constant support to Her Majesty the Queen of Madagascar against all dangers that might assail her or compromise the tranquillity of her states.
The resident-general shall have control over the interior administration of the island. Her Majesty the Queen of Madagascar undertakes to bring about such reforms as the French Government may judge useful for the exercise of its protectorate, as also for the economic development of the island and the progress of civilization.
The whole of the expenditure for the public services in Madagascar and for the service of the debt shall be guaranteed by the revenues of the island. The Government of Her Majesty the Queen of Madagascar undertakes not to contract any loan without the authorization of the Government of the French Republic. The Government of the French Republic does not assume any responsibility for the engagements, debts, or concessions which the Government of Her Majesty the Queen of Madagascar may have contracted previous to the signing of the present treaty. The Government of the French Republic will lend its assistance to the Government of Her Majesty the Queen of Madagascar to facilitate the conversion of the loan of December 4, 1886.
The settling of the boundaries of the territories of Diego Suarez will be begun as soon as possible. The boundary line will follow as nearly as the configuration of the ground will allow 12° 45ʹ of south latitude.