Mr. Riddle to Mr. Olney.


Your telegraphed demand was presented by formal note to Porte last Tuesday. Turkish Government declines to return Knapp to Bitlis. The Grand Vizier says superior orders prevented him from keeping Knapp until the end of April, and will prevent his return now. British consul at Bitlis telegraphs that governor-general admitted to him that he had direct orders, presumably from Sultan, for Knappā€™s expulsion from the country. I have obtained official promise in writing from foreign minister that Knapp shall be formally delivered up by Turkish authorities to American consular agent at Alexandretta. British consul at Diarbekir reports Knapp left last Monday; was well and expressed a wish to continue to Constantinople. Is now thirteen days out from Bitlis; is due on the coast within a week. Will instruct consul to watch out for him. Everything else quiet at the present moment. The situation of Americans is satisfactory.