Mr. Olney to Mr. Terrell.

No. 864.]

Sir: I send for your information copy of a letter from the Rev. Judson Smith, of Boston, in regard to the investigation of the charges of sedition brought against Mr. Knapp, of Bitlis.

The Department sees no reason to question the expediency and practical convenience of conducting that investigation at Constantinople under your own eye and where Mr. Knapp’s friends will be in a position to afford him material support. Your telegram reported that you had adopted this course at the request of the missionaries. Such a course certainly seems better adapted to the case than the alternative of sending consular representatives, British as well as American, and witnesses in Mr. Knapp’s behalf to so remote a spot as Bitlis at the present juncture.

I also inclose copy of my reply to Mr. Smith. You will observe that as regards his suggestion that Mr. Knapp’s departure may interrupt, perhaps permanently, the conduct of the important mission at Bitlis, I intimate that you will probably have suggested sending a competent substitute to conduct operations during the absence of the principal.

I am, etc.,

Richard Olney.