Li Hung Chang to Mr. Yang Yü.

[Telegram.—Left at the Department of State by the Chinese minister.]

Please call at the State Department without delay and say to the Secretary of State that on the eve of embarking at this place for my native country I desire to assure the President of my very warm appreciation of the “politeness and hospitality accorded to me by the American nation, whose guest I have been. Nothing could exceed the warmth of the welcome shown me on every hand, both by the officials of the Government and by the people. Please add the expression of my high estimation of the excellent arrangements made for the comfort of myself and suite, both while sojourning in New York and Washington and when traveling. It gives me great pleasure to add that Major-General Ruger and the officers of his staff, Major Davis, Captain Mills, Lieutenant Cumins, and Lieutenant Townsley, were from first to last most thoughtful and efficient in the infinitude of details provided for my comfort and pleasure during my entire visit. I desire also to express my thanks for the escort of cavalry commanded by Colonel Sumner, which attended me at New York and at Washington. I bid His Excellency the President and the Secretary of State, in my own name and on behalf of my suite, a grateful farewell.

Li Hung Chang.