Mr. Rockhill to Mr. Yang YĆ¼.

No. 36.]

Sir: As a further acknowledgment of your note of the 6th instant, relative to the visit to this country of Earl Li Hung Chang, who brings a letter to the President of the United States from His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of China, I have now the honor to inform you that the President will be in the city of New York on the 31st of the present month, and on that day, at a place and hour to be hereafter designated, will give audience to Earl Li Hung Chang for the purpose of receiving the letter of the Emperor of China.

It will give the President great pleasure to regard Earl Li and party as guests of the United States during their stay in New York City, and to put at his disposal a special train for the conveyance of himself and party to Washington and thence to Canada, en route to Vancouver.

An army officer of rank will be detailed to meet Earl Li upon arrival at New York and to be in attendance upon him during his sojourn in this country. He will be directed to concert with you such arrangements as may be deemed suitable and desirable for the comfort and entertainment of the earl and his party during their visit.

Sharing the regret expressed by Earl Li at his inability to make a longer visit to this country, I avail myself of this occasion, etc.,

W. W. Rockhill,
Acting Secretary