Mr. Taylor to Mr. Olney.

No. 583.]

Sir: In reference to your No. 552, of the 20th of August last, relative to the “Teresa” plantation, belonging to certain American citizens, Messrs. Farrel and Rigney, I have the honor to inclose herewith copy and translation of a note received from the Spanish Government in reply to mine presenting the case.

I am, etc.,

Hannis Taylor.
[Inclosure in No. 583.—Translation.]

The Duke of Tetuan to Mr. Taylor.

Excellency: I have had the honor to receive your kind note of the 5th instant, relative to the estate “Teresa,” owned by the American citizens Messrs. Farrel and Rigney, and to the position supposed to have been assumed by the general of division Sr. Bosch, commanding the forces at Manzanillo, Cuba.

Not having any information upon the subject, with this date I request my colleague, the minister of war, to obtain and communicate to me such information as soon as possible. I must, however, inform your excellency that the Government of His Majesty, ever faithful to the most strict principles of justice, has given definite instructions, with which the Governor and Captain General of Cuba complies, so that, with the exigencies of the military operations, the properties of nationals and foreigners may be alike protected, without distinction of [Page 704] nationalities. In conformity with, this uniform line of conduct, I can assure your excellency that the properties of American citizens in Cuba shall be guarded in the same manner as the properties of other Spaniards and foreigners, without difference of any kind, which would not answer certainly to the cordial relations which unite both countries and Governments.

At the same time that information upon the subject of this note is asked, the strict orders given by His Majesty’s Government in regard to the defense and custody of private properties will be renewed.

I avail, etc.,

The Duke of Tetuan.