Mr. Olney to Mr. Dupuy de Lôme.

No. 100.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose for your information copy of a letter just received from Messrs. E. Atkins & Co., of Boston, reporting further devastation of their cane fields by the insurgents.

Accept, etc.,

Richard Olney.
[Inclosure in No. 100.]

Messrs. E. Atkins & Co. to Mr. Olney.

Dear Sir: The mail received to-day from Cienfuegos, dated February 26, brings advices of the further burning by insurgents, on or about the 20th, of something over 300 acres of cane on our property Soledad. Owing to the difficulty of the manager getting about throughout the territory, a detailed estimate of cane lost by these fires was not then made up.

At the date of the above-mentioned mail fires were again general, and we hear of two other American properties having suffered severely in the Cienfuegos district.

Very respectfully, yours,

E. Atkins & Co.

The writer leaves for Cienfuegos to-morrow.