Mr. Delgado to Mr. Rockhill.

No. 59.]

Sir: I have the honor to report the following: On the 6th instant, at 9.30 p.m., I was informed by a resident American citizen that Oscar de Cespedes, said to be an American citizen, had been captured in a hospital on the Zapata Swamps, brought to this city, and confined at San Severino Castle. On the following day Cespedes, who was in a State of paludism, was taken to the infirmary at the city jail, the hospital and other infirmaries being overcrowded with sick and wounded Spanish soldiers.

It is rumored that Cespedes was captured without arms, just at the critical moment of surrendering to the column of Colonel Molina, in conformity with General Weyler’s decree of amnesty. Several eyewitnesses have also informed me that Cespedes has been maltreated by the escort while being conveyed to the castle and infirmary, to the extreme of thrusting his arms with bayonets.

I follow all particulars of this case and report accordingly to Consul-General Lee, at Habana.

I am, etc.,

Fred Delgado,
Vice-Consul in Charge.