Mr. Olney to Mr. Taylor.


Three United States citizens have been under arrest in Cuba without charges—Frank J. Larrieu, Cardenas jail, since May, 1896; Estéban Venero, Habana, since September, 1896; José Gonzales, Habana, since November, 1896. Demand that charges be at once formulated and made known to accused or that they be released.

[Page 662]

The following persons have been in Cuban prisons awaiting trial; Joseph L. Cepero, since January, 1896; Oscar Cespedes, since September, 1896; A, Suarez del Villar, since September, 1896; Theodore L. Vives, since November, 1896; George W. Aguirre, since July, 1896; Competitor prisoners since April, 1896.

Delay in all these cases unreasonable. Demand immediate trial or release.