Mr. Manion to Mr. Olney.


Your wires 12th, 17th, 21st received. Taxation without representation was cause of uprising. Aliens, far outnumbering Boers, have long agitated for political rights. Aliens issued manifesto containing demands. Popular supposition is British Chartered Company officials, seeing opportunity to make capital out of grievances of Johannesburg, secretly urged revolution, hoping reconstruction would profit them. Jameson invasion led to discovery of intrigues. Leaders disavowed and movement repudiated by masses. Hammond trouble due to having signed conditional invitation Jameson to come Johannesburg in case of extreme peril. Jameson suddenly marched toward Johannesburg before trouble arose. When this discovered, Americans and other leaders issued proclamation calling on people to refrain from hostilities. Instead of inciting rebellion Hammond in the beginning raised Transvaal flag, and all in movement swore allegiance. Clement and other Americans took arms from many corps and sent men home. Not shot fired by Johannesburg. No disturbance; not single act of hostility, but every effort to maintain Republic from British encroachment. Johannesburg peacefully surrendered arms. Wholesale arrests for high treason followed. All American prisoners except Hammond now out [Page 569] on parole. Cases to be tried in court. Government has not yet indicated time of prosecution. Cables announce England will protect Americans. This resented by Americans, including prisoners, and counted against Americans by Transvaal, whose troubles all been British, and suspicious if America accepts England’s protection; of course England’s suzerainty must be considered. Boers regard their history parallel with sister Republic United States. Thus far Transvaal Government has acted magnanimously. Many wheels within wheels, which can not yet be comprehended. Shall continue to advise you. Think it advisable for you to confirm Brown’s appointment by cable, as per my cable of 16th.