Baron von Thielmann to Mr. Olney.


In reply to your excellency’s kind note of June 8 of this year relating to the proposition addressed to the consuls of the treaty powers by King Malietoa not to fill again the post of president of the municipal council of Apia, I have the honor, in accordance with instructions received, to state most respectfully what follows.

The Imperial Government has hitherto adhered firmly to the faithful execution of the provisions adopted in the general act of the Samoa conference at Berlin, and is prepared to continue to do so in future until the general act is repealed by a common decision of the three treaty powers. The change of one of the most important provisions of the general act, proposed in the present case, is, however, of such far-reaching significance that the Imperial Government must decline to accept the proposition under any circumstances. This view is likewise shared by the Royal British Government.

Awaiting a kind communication from your excellency with regard to the attitude of the United States Government as to this matter,

I avail, etc.,