Mr. Olney to Baron von Thielmann. 1

No. 168.]

Excellency: I have the honor to state that Mr. Blacklock, vice-consul-general of the United States at Apia, has transmitted to the [Page 542] Department with his No. 118, of April 21, 1896, a copy of a letter addressed to the consuls of the three treaty powers by King Malietoa, requesting that, upon the departure of Mr. Schmidt, president of the municipal council at Apia, for Germany, within a few months, no new appointment to the post be made, but that the consuls of the treaty powers be instructed to act as president, and hence become the advisers of the Government of Samoa. I do not send you a copy of the King’s letter, presuming you have received it through the German consular representative at Apia.

I shall be glad to know the decision of the German Government, provided it has been rendered, upon this subject.

Accept, etc.

Richard Olney.
  1. Sent also mutatis mutandis to the British ambassador, June 8, 1896.