Baron von Thielmann to Mr. Olney.


Mr. Secretary of State: I have brought to the knowledge of the Imperial Government the suggestions made by Mr. W. L. Chambers, lately American member of the Samoan land commission, touching the preservation of the decisions and safekeeping of the archives of the land commission referred hither with your note (No. 130) of March 28 last.

In view thereof I am instructed to say that according to the reports of the Imperial consulate in Apia submitted to the ministry of foreign affairs the acts and land records of the Samoan land commission were duly turned over to the supreme court and are kept in a fireproof money safe formerly used by the land commission and transferred to the chief justice. The protocol books and sundry minutes of the land commission were handed over, however, to the consuls and are preserved in one of the consulates. If in view hereof it may be assumed that all possible care has been taken for the safekeeping of the Samoan land acts the Imperial Government has notwithstanding requested the consulate to report on the subject.

I shall have the honor to acquaint your excellency in due time with the perspective answer of the Imperial consulate in Apia.

I avail, etc.,