Baron von Thielmann to Mr. Olney.


Mr. Secretary of State: I have the honor, in pursuance of instructions received from the Imperial Government, most respectfully to inform your excellency that, as appears from the inclosure, an outlay of 15,965.83 marks has thus far been occasioned by the detention of the Samoan Chief Mataafa and his companions on the Marshall Islands, of which amount, according to the agreement, one-third (5,321.94 marks) are payable by the United States. I would remark in this connection, referring to Secretary Gresham’s note to the Imperial ambassador, Baron von Saurma, of May 12, 1894, that the account of the expense incurred by the detention of the rebels at Takaofo has not yet been prepared by the Imperial consulate at Apia, and that this account will be presented for settlement hereafter.

As the United States Government, by Secretary Gresham’s note of September 6, 1893, to Baron von Saurma, the Imperial ambassador, expressed its willingness to assume one-third of the expense incurred by the deportation and maintenance of the Samoan chiefs interned in Jaluit, I take the liberty most respectfully to request your excellency to order the sum of 5,321 marks and 94 pfennigs (equivalent to $1,267.10) to be paid to this Imperial embassy, when I will receipt therefor.

I avail, etc.,

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Account of the expense incurred by the internment of Mataafa and his companions in the Marshall Islands.

No. Items. Amount.
Mks. Pfgs.
1 Charge for a telegram to the consulate-general at Sydney, dated Sept, 27, 1893, relative to the placing of the Samoans on the Marshall Islands 247 45
2 Transmission of telegraphic orders to the commanders of H. M. S. Arcona and Bussard relative to the disarming of the Samoans 1,124 20
3 Cost of removing Mataafa on board of the Katoomba from July 19 to July 26, 1893, £112s 32 45
4 Two telegrams to the commanders of H. M. S. Falke and Bussard of April 3 and 21, 1894 relative to the disarming of the Samoans 323 20
5 One telegram to the commanders of H. M. S. Arcona, Alexandrine, and Marie, relative to same 311 15
6 One telegram to the senior officer of the South Sea station, relative to same 307 40
7 Money spent for Mataafa’s requirements on board of H. M. S. cruiser Sperber in September, 1893 36 64
8 Cost of 8 guns for the governor to enable him to arm the watchmen on account of the internment of the Samoans in Jaluit 114 36
9 Cost of books (Samoan language and Samoan dictionary) 6 00
10 Money expended in caring for 6 Samoans placed on board of H. M. S. Bussard 294 00
11 Cost of providing quarters and caring for the Samoans during the—
Second half year 1893–94 2,890 15
First half year 1894–95 5,080 45
Second half year 1894–95 5,163 80
12 Provisions supplied to the Samoans in June and July, 1895, by H. M. S. Bussard 34 58
Total 15,965 83