Mr. Tyler to Mr. Olney.

No. 261, Dip. Ser.]

Sir: Supplementary to my dispatch of the 7th instant, transmitting correspondence concerning the state of disorder in the city of Hamadan, [Page 486] I have now the honor to inclose the reply of the Sadr Azem to my communication of the 2d of this month.

It will be seen that the minister assures me in express terms that the city in question is now in a state of perfect order and tranquillity.

I have, etc.,

John Tyler,
Vice-Consul-General in Charge.
[Inclosure in No. 261.—Translation.]

The Sadr Azem to Mr. Tyler.

Sir: I have to inform you that your communication of the 26th Rabbi II, 1314 (October 2, 1896), requesting that necessary measures be adopted for the care and protection of the respected citizens of the United States resident in Hamadan, has been received, and the signification has been understood.

In reply I beg to assure you of the orderly and peaceable state of Hamadan, and to say that you may rely on it that with the help of Almighty God and the support of good fortune, and the efforts of His Imperial Majesty the Shah, our Royal Benefactor—may his reign, Government, and Empire endure!—the most complete order and safety will continue.

[Seal of the Sadr Azem.]