Mr. Tyler to Mr. Olney.

No. 255, Dip. Ser.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith inclosed copy and translation of a note which I received from the Sadr Azem, on the 31st ultimo, acknowledging the receipt of my letter, inclosing copies of letters which I had received from missionaries in ——— ——— and ———, and informing me that the occurrences mentioned therein had received the attention of the Government, and adding that the general affairs [Page 481] of the (Persian) Armenians had received consideration. I hope such is the case and that every protection will be accorded to the native Christians.

I do not think that there is any reason to doubt that the Persian Government is perfectly in earnest in doing what it can for the protection of life and property throughout the country, irrespective of religious creeds. The system of police is, however, very defective and serious irregularities are apt to occur in any part of the country and the Government to remain in ignorance for some time after the events have taken place.

The Amin-ed-dowlah, president of the council of ministers under the late Shah, has been appointed chief adviser to the crown prince, governor of Azerbaijan, and practically administrator of the province. He is generally considered a man of commanding abilities and of enlightened and liberal views, and tolerant and even sympathetic toward the Christian populations. He has behaved toward the missionaries in Teheran with unusual kindness and generosity. He is, however, new to his present duties, not, so far as I am aware, ever having been intrusted with the government of a province. I have known him for many years and have always found him amiable, conciliatory, and obliging in all business transactions. His record is a favorable one, and if the future may be forecast by the experiences of the past, we may expect a temperate and intelligent treatment of all questions with which he may have to deal.

Previous to his excellency’s departure for his post I had an interview with him and bespoke his friendly consideration and assistance to all questions the missionaries might have to bring to his notice. He said: “You have known me for many years, and are well aware of my feelings toward American citizens, and you may rest assured that my conduct will not be altered by the present condition of my life or the circumstances of my position.”

His first act, however, has been to remove a capable governor from the subprovince of Oroomiah, but the personage who is to replace him will, I should think, prove equally acceptable and efficient.

I have, etc.,

John Tyler,
Vice-Consul-General in Charge.
[Inclosure in No. 255.—Translation.]

The Sadr Azem to Mr. Tyler.

Sir: I have to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of the 26th of Muharram, A. H. 1314 (9th July, 1896), inclosing reports concerning Armenians who were coming from Van toward the borders of Azerbaijan. Instructions which the circumstances of these occurrences required, as also respecting all the affairs of the Armenians, have been sent to the authorities of Azerbaijan, and all necessary steps have been taken and will continue to be taken in connection with these matters.

I have troubled you with these few lines for your information.

I have, etc.,

Seal of the Sadr Azem