Baron Fava to Mr. Olney.

Mr. Secretary of State: After having expressed to me your gratification to take notice of my statement of the confidence felt by His Majesty’s Government that the judicial authorities of the State of Louisiana will make a vigorous effort to detect the guilty parties of the lynching at Hahnville and bring them to trial, your excellency courteously renews by the note of the 21st instant, No. 155, the assurances heretofore given to me that the earnest effort of the Federal Government will be addressed by all proper and possible means toward the attainment of that result in vindication of Justice, and as a signal condemnation of the unlawful act perpetrated by the mob against the sovereignty and the laws of the State.

You add that further action by the Government of the United States, in the sense of my suggestions, will necessarily await its independent ascertainment of the facts of the case.

Thanking you for this kind communication, which I shall not fail to transmit to my Government, I am glad to renew to your excellency its steadfast confidence in the feelings of justice which prompt the United States Government for the settlement of the incident in the interest of the good relations between our countries and of the just equities of the case.

Accept, etc.,