Mr. Olney to Mr. Young.

No. 258.]

Sir: The Department’s No. 128, of August 18, 1894, made known to you the wish of the Chinese minister at this capital that the good offices of your legation be exercised in behalf of Chinese subjects in Guatemala in case of need.

[Page 378]

Your legation’s No. 186, of June 14, 1895, reported that the Guatemalan minister for foreign affairs considered it due to his Government as a matter of form and courtesy that the request should be made by the Chinese Government or its representative in Washington.

I now inclose a sealed original communication, addressed to the minister for foreign affairs of Guatemala, which is said to contain the request of the Chinese Government in this regard and which has been forwarded to this Department with a note from the Chinese minister, copy of which I also inclose.

You are instructed to hand the sealed note to the minister for foreign affairs, with a statement of the circumstances under which it reaches you and an intimation of your willingness to receive the Guatemalan reply and transmit it hither for delivery to the Chinese minister.

Should the Guatemalan Government indicate its acquiescence in your friendly protection of Chinese in Guatemala, you may proceed in accordance with instructions heretofore given you.

I am, etc.,

Richard Olney.