Mr. Rusk to Mr. Foster.

Sir: I have the honor to inclose to you herewith copy of my official proclamation to issue Monday, the 26th instant, declaring the United States to be free from the disease known as contagious pleuro-pneumonia, and announcing the raising of quarantine therefor in the United States.

I would suggest that a copy of this proclamation be sent to every minister of the United States accredited to a European country, as well as to every consul-general, consul, and consular agent in Europe.

As the absolute freedom of this country from this disease, and the dates given since which no case of pleuro-pneumonia has occurred, should have a marked effect in facilitating our live-cattle trade and in securing the removal of all restrictions imposed upon our cattle trade by European countries, I should be glad to have our representatives abroad instructed to present these facts as strongly as possible to the various Governments to which they are accredited. In case my suggestion meets with your approval, I send herewith one hundred and fifty copies of the proclamation, and should any more be required by your Department for transmission abroad, I shall be pleased to supply additional copies without delay.

I have, etc.,

J. M. Rusk.