Mr. Olney to Sir Julian Pauncefote.

No. 325.]

Excellency: I have the honor to inform you that complaints have been made to this Department, from time to time, to the effect that the masters of British vessels employ American citizens in ports of the United States to attend cattle shipped on British vessels for European ports without making provision for the return of the men to this country, and that they are consequently often turned adrift abroad in destitute circumstances.

In the course of his investigation of the subject the Secretary of the Treasury desires to ascertain whether Her Britannic Majesty’s consuls at New York and Boston observe article 14 of the regulations issued by the Department of Agriculture February 19, 1895, concerning the transportation of cattle from the United States to foreign countries.

The article in question reads in part as follows:

The employment of all cattle attendants shall he under the control of owners or agents of steamships, and men so employed shall be reliable and signed as part of the ship’s crew, and under the control of the captain of said vessel.

I shall be greatly obliged if you will kindly obtain for me the desired information as soon as practicable for communication to the Treasury Department.

I have, etc.,

Richard Olney.