Sir Julian Pauncefote to Mr. Olney.

Sir: I referred to the Governor-General of Canada your note of March 11 last proposing that the two Governments should by a new convention agree upon certain points of the one hundred and forty-first meridian at the intersection of the principal streams, locating the same at points midway between the determinations of the Coast and Geodetic Survey and of Mr. Ogilvie, and providing for the junction of the points so located by convenient joint surveys as occasion may require until the entire lire shall in time be established.

I have now the honor to inform you that I am in receipt of a dispatch from the deputy governor of Canada, stating that the Canadian Government are prepared to join with the Government of the United States in a survey of the one hundred and forty first meridian in accordance with the proposal made in your above-mentioned note.

The Canadian Government proposed that work should commence as early as possible in 1897, and be continued thereafter as occasion may require until the entire line be established.

I have, etc.,

Julian Pauncefote.