Sir Julian Pauncefote to Mr. Olney.

Sir: Referring to your note, No. 320, of the 10th ultimo, relative to the demarcation of the principal points of the one hundred and forty-first meridian boundary line between Alaska and Canada, in which you informed me that a measure aiming to facilitate the settlement of the boundary line in question was pending in Congress, I now have the honor to ask, in view of the fact that Congress has appropriated a sum for this purpose, whether your Government would favorably entertain the proposal contained in my note of the 6th ultimo, viz, the recognition of Mr. Ogilvieā€™s line of demarcation until the commencement of the joint survey.

In the minute inclosed in my above-mentioned dispatch it was pointed out that it would not be possible to communicate with Mr. Ogilvie before the summer, when a considerable portion of the one hundred and forty-first meridian should already be marked on the ground.

I have, etc.,

Julian Pauncefote.