Mr. Strobel to Mr. Olney.

No. 82.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 47 of October 24 last, with which I forwarded to the Department copy and translation of the convention between France and Chile, I have now the honor to inclose copy and translation of a further agreement between the two Governments terminating the tribunal established by the above convention and providing for the settlement by Chile of all the French claims by the payment of £5,000 (125,000 francs).

The total sum of these claims was 344,041 pesos (18d.) and 324,326 francs, or somewhat over 1,000,000 francs in all.

In securing the settlement on a basis of about 12 per cent of the gross amount the French Government has escaped the expenses of arbitration, and has probably secured a much larger amount than it would have received from the awards of the tribunal.

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I have, etc.,

Edward H. Strobel.
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[Inclosure in No. 82.—From Diario Oficial, March 20, 1896.—Translation.]

Agreement for settlement of claims of French, citizens against Chile, February 2, 1896.

In the ministry of foreign relations of Chile, Señor Adolfo Guerro, minister of foreign relations, and Monsieur Leopold Fernand Balny d’Avricourt, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of France, officer of the National Legion of Honor, etc., being duly authorized for the purpose, have agreed to settle all the claims of French citizens based on the civil war of 1891, which have been presented to the tribunal of arbitration, in accordance with the following conditions:

I. The functions of the Franco-Chilean tribunal established by the convention of October 13, 1895, for the purpose of examining and deciding claims presented against the Government of Chile by French citizens, are hereby declared terminated.

II. All French claims which have been presented to the tribunal, which amount on the one hand to 344,041 pesos and on the other to 324,326 francs, shall be paid and completely extinguished, however important may be their nature, or their present status in the tribunal, for the sum of £5,000, which the Government of Chile will deliver to the diplomatic representative of France in Santiago, within fifteen days following the approval of this convention by the Congress of the Republic.

The said sum of £5,000 shall be distributed among the claimants by the French Government in the proportion and in the form which it may think proper; and such distribution shall not in any way affect the responsibility of Chile.

III. It is expressly admitted that the Government of Chile has made this friendly arrangement for the purpose of bringing pending claims to a prompt settlement; and that this arrangement neither directly nor indirectly affects the principle and jurisprudence which the Government of Chile has supported and maintained before the tribunals of arbitration.

  • Adolfo Guerro.
  • Balny d’Avricourt.