Mr. Jackson to Mr. Olney.

No. 469.]

Sir: I have the honor to append hereto, in the form of memoranda, notes on certain subjects, more particularly mentioned below, relating [Page 193] to the commercial relations between the United States and Germany, and to the parliamentary debates of the past week, and to be, sir,

Your obedient servant,

John B. Jackson.
[Inclosure in No. 469.]


In conversation on February 6 Baron von der Recke, the Prussian minister of the interior, said that the day before he had received a request from the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York to be allowed to reenter Prussia; that the case of the New York Life Insurance Company was undergoing a thorough examination, but that it would take sometime, and the result must be awaited with patience, and that the action taken in several States made the whole matter more difficult. He asked if it were not possible for the central (national) Government to exercise a restraining influence on the local (State) authorities.