Dr. Mérou to Mr. Olney.


Mr. Secretary: Communications from my Government have just reached me, whereby I am informed of the pleasure with which both our national authorities and the people of our nation received the visit of the delegates of the National Association of Manufacturers who arrived in the Argentine Republic early last month.

According to these advices the gentlemen in question were received, both officially and privately, with the high consideration to which they were entitled as representatives of the commercial and manufacturing interests of a great nation which is connected with our own by close bonds of friendship and regard. During their stay in our country they were the object of cordial demonstrations, and every possible effort was made to assist them in the fulfillment of their mission, special express trains being furnished to them to enable them to travel over a part of our fertile country, and the Government detailing a high officer of the ministry of finance to accompany them as the representative of that ministry, the said officer being able to furnish to them the data and information which they were most interested in knowing.

The delegates of the National Association of Manufacturers were thus enabled, notwithstanding the rapidity of their journey, to get a general idea of the facilities and resources of all kinds that are offered by our rich country for the development of commercial relations with the United States, and their pleasant visit may go far toward drawing closer those relations which are destined to assume vast importance under the aegis of the mutual facilities which now exist and which it is to be hoped may exist in future for the benefit of both nations.

I communicate these data to your excellency with real pleasure, and by way of completing them I am happy to inclose a copy of the decree issued by my Government on the 20th of July last, ordering an abstract of geographical and statistical information relative to the Republic to be printed for distribution among the members of the American commission.

I reiterate, etc.,

M. Garcia Mérou.
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Decree designating Dr. Francisco Latzina to furnish to the commission of delegates of the National Association of American Manufacturers such statistical information as they may desire.


1. A delegation of North American manufacturers and merchants is soon to visit this Republic for the purpose of examining the financial and commercial condition of the country, and of collecting data and information with a view to promoting the interchange of productions and merchandise between the two nations; and whereas:

2. It is highly expedient that the largest possible amount of statistical information, such as may be calculated to promote the better performance of the task entrusted to it, be furnished to that commission without delay, and that it be supplied with all reports, both verbal and in writing, that it may require for the purpose aforesaid: Now therefore,

The President of the Republic decrees as follows:

Article 1. Doctor Francisco Latzina, chief of the bureau of statistics of the Republic, is hereby designated to accomyany the aforesaid commission of North American manufacturers and capitalists, as the representative of the department of finance, from the time of their arrival in the Republic, and to furnish to them such data and information as they may desire.

Art. 2. The chief of the national bureau of statistics is further instructed to prepare, as speedily as possible, a geographical and statistical report concerning the business of the Republic, which shall embrace the subjects below mentioned, and which shall be published together with a general map:

The number of tons of wheat, flax, Indian corn, wool, and butter exported from the country, and the number of hides and of cattle, and the quantity of beef, both jerked and frozen, that has been exported during each one of the last ten years, with the value of each article and the name of the country to which it has been exported.

The increase in the number of banking houses during the same period, with the capital invested in banks and the number of banks in the Republic, together with the name of the parent house of each one.

The increase in the number of manufacturing houses in the Republic during the last ten years, in each of the most important branches of industry.

Steamship companies owning lines of steamers sailing between this port and other countries, with the number of steamers and the ports to which they sail.

The number of vessels that have entered and sailed from the ports of the Republic during each of the last five years, with a statement of their nationality, the ports from which they sailed, and those to which they were bound.

The number of slaughterhouses in the Republic, with their capacity and the number of animals slaughtered annually.

The number of head of cattle annually sold in the markets of Buenos Aires for home consumption.

The number of head of cattle, sheep, and horses in the Republic, with a statement of the increase or diminution of each during the last five years.

The annual increase of hectares of wheat, Indian corn, and flax in each province.

The average price, in gold, that has been paid during each of the last five years for wool, wheat, and cattle.

The number of flouring mills in the Republic, with their capacity, and the quantity of flour annually produced.

Value of the imports from each country during the last ten years.

Miles of railway in the Republic, with data relative to freights and prices of same; also statistics as to earnings.

Population and emigration statistics by countries during the last ten years.

Average wages earned by the various kinds of laborers, etc.

Art. 3. The representative thus designated may apply, directly, to all the public departments of the nation, to the governments of the provinces, and all commercial houses for the data and information required for the work entrusted to him.

Art. 4. The necessary instructions will be given him by the treasury department.

Art. 5. Let it be communicated to all the Government departments to the end that they may adopt the necessary measures, and likewise to the governors of the provinces. Let it be inserted in the National Register.

  • Uriburú
  • J. J. Romero.