Mr. Andrade to Mr. Gresham.


Sir: On one of my recent visits to the Department you asked me how much truth there was in the rumor coming from London and published in some American papers in regard to certain repressive steps [Page 1485] taken by the Government of Great Britain against Venezuela in consequence of the imprisonment of an inspector and other police employees of the British colony of Demerara accused of committing acts of aggression in the Venezuelan territory of Cuyuni against citizens of Venezuela, and of seeking to occupy by force the bluff on which the latter were peaceably working. Touching the report in question the minister for foreign relations of my country now writes me the following, which, in my judgment, confirms the doubts I expressed to you at the time in answer to your inquiries:

The report which has been spread with respect to the hostile attitude of England because of the Cuyuni incident appears to be without foundation. Everything rather leads to the presumption that the results of the investigations ordered in regard to the matter are awaited with tranquillity.

Be pleased, etc.,

José Andrade.