Mr. Willis to Mr. Gresham.

No. 95.]

Sir: An order was promulgated by the President on the 18th instant revoking martial law. On the same day the military commission was discharged. Several new laws bearing upon the late situation have just been enacted, copies of which I inclose.

Her British Majesty’s ship Nymphe arrived here from San Diego on the 17th instant.

Seven hundred and ninety-one Japanese laborers, of whom all but 145 were under contract, arrived two days ago. It is estimated that there are now over 26,000 Japanese in these islands.

[Page 852]

Sentences upon all prisoners have been confirmed. All who are not disabled by sickness have been put to work on the public roads.

Referring to your No. 69, in which you inquire as to the meaning of a passage in my No. 84, I will state that it was written on the same day of my telegram, and had reference to the condition then prevailing here, which was the probability of mob violence. As there were Americans confined in jail thus threatened., I assumed that our Government, if notified by this Government, would render its aid to protect them. These were the “proper conditions” to which I had reference.

With sentiments of high regard, I am, etc.,

Albert S. Willis.