Mr. Willis to Mr. Gresham.


Gulick, Seward, Wilcox, and Rickard sentences confirmed by President; thirty-five years’ imprisonment at hard labor and $10,000 fine, each. Widemann and Walker, thirty years and $10,000 and $5,000 fine, respectively Gregg and Marshall, latter American, 19 years old, twenty years and $5,000 fine each. The two Lanes five years and $5,000 fine each. Nowlein and Bertlemann, leaders in conspiracy, who turned State’s evidence, thirty-five years and $10,000 fine each, but sentence in both cases suspended. Davies, captain of steamer which landed arms, also State’s evidence, ten years and $10,000 fine; sentence also suspended. Ex-Queen, five years and $5,000 fine.