Mr. Olney to Mr. Dupuy de Lôme.

No. 63.]

Sir: I beg to hand you herewith, for your information and such immediate action as you may deem advisable, copy of a letter just received from E. Atkins & Co., Boston, Mass.

Accept, etc.,

Richard Olney.

Messrs. E. Atkins & Co. to Mr. Olney.

Dear Sir: We are informed through confidential but reliable source that it is the intention of the Cuban agents in New York to destroy the buildings and machinery at our estate, Soledad, situated near Cienfuegos, Cuba.

We beg to lay this information before the State Department, with the suggestion that the same be transmitted through the Spanish minister to the authorities in Cuba, in order that they may be promptly advised and prepared to guard against a possible attack by the insurgents.

We remain, etc.

E. Atkins & Co.