Mr. Willis to Mr. Gresham.


Your telegram 8th instant received.1 Sentences of death not yet known to have been approved by President. Sentences in 25 cases approved and made public, viz: Twenty-three Hawaiians, five to ten years’ hard labor; one Englishman, Col. V. V. Ashford, one year and fine) and one American, J. F. Bowler, five years and fine of $5,000. These two charged with misprision of treason. All required to don prison garb. One hundred and twenty tried, 21 more now on joint trial, 2 acquitted, 3 deported, and 15 of different nationalities released on condition of leaving country. Over 200 yet in prison, of whom 13 are American $ latter confined without formal charges or trial. Feeling less extreme.

Albert S. Willis.