Mr. Uhl to Mr. Taylor.

No. 338.]

Sir: Your No. 357, of the 20th ultimo, in relation to the Alliança incident, was duly received, and I have laid before the President the note of his excellency the minister of state, of the 16th ultimo, conveying the disavowal by His Majesty’s Government of the act of the temporary commander of the Venadito in firing upon the Alliança and the assurance that instructions have been sent to Spanish naval commanders in order to avoid the repetition of any such occurrence.

I am directed by the President to instruct you that, without conceding that the exact location of the Alliança at the time the shot was fired can be considered a controlling circumstance, this communication of His Majesty’s Government is accepted as a sufficient and satisfactory explanation of the incident.

You will add an expression of the President’s high appreciation of the friendly tenor of the Duke of Tetuan’s note.

I am, etc.,

Edwin F. Uhl,
Acting Secretary.