Mr. Dupuy de Lôme to Mr. Olney.


Mr. Secretary: I have the honor to inform your excellency that I have communicated to the Duke of Tetuan the abstract of our conference at Boston, and have told him that I had notified your excellency that the Government of His Majesty the King of Spain had taken the necessary measures to have paid at Havana, to such person as the United States Government may designate, $1,500,000 in Spanish gold, in payment and complete satisfaction of the claim known under the name of the “Mora claim.”

I also informed him that your excellency had said that payment in coin was unnecessary, and that you wished payment to be made in bills [Page 1176] of exchange on New York or London, as the most practical and convenient method of completing the transaction.

The minister of state of His Majesty the King of Spain tells me in a communication dated at San Sebastian, which I have just received, that he authorizes me to deliver to your excellency on the 15th instant bills payable at sight, signed by me, to the order of the Secretary of State of the United States of America, drawn upon the delegate of Spain at London,” for the equivalent in pounds sterling of the said sum agreed upon, $1,500,000 in Spanish gold, the necessary steps having been already taken to have the said bills paid on presentation.

The 15th instant being Sunday, I will deliver the bills on Saturday, if your excellency has no objection, the rate of exchange at which the payment is to be made being that of the day of delivery, to ascertain which I have requested Messrs. Riggs & Co. to make the necessary examinations, which they have done, as shown in the copy of the letter which I handed in person to Mr. Alvey A. Adee.

I avail myself, etc.

E. Dupuy de Lôme.

Acknowledgment of settlement of claim.

I, Alvey A. Adee, Acting Secretary of State of the United States, acknowledge to have received this day from the Government of Spain, by the hand of E. Dupuy de Lôme, minister from Spain to the United States, the sum of one million five hundred thousand dollars in Spanish gold pesos, paid in a draft on London for two hundred and ninety-five thousand four hundred and twelve pounds sterling sixteen shillings eleven pence (£295,412 16s. 11d.), the equivalent at agreed rate of exchange of said one million five hundred thousand Spanish gold pesos, in full discharge and satisfaction, not only of the principal sum agreed to be paid in liquidation of the Mora claim, so called, but of any and every amount that might be claimed to be due as interest on said principal sum, the said payment being a complete fulfilment by the Government of Spain of the memorandum signed in Boston August 10, 1895, and being accepted as a full compliance with the offer made by the Government of Spain on November 29, 1886, of the sum of one million five hundred thousand dollars in settlement of the claim presented by the legation of the United States to the Government of Spain in behalf of the American citizen Antonio Maximo Mora for the embargo of his property in Cuba, said sum including all indemnity that can be claimed for said property, principal, as well as interest, damages, and injury.

And the said payment of one million five hundred thousand Spanish gold pesos on this day, in accordance with the memorandum signed in Boston on the tenth day of August, 1895, is now hereby accepted as a full, final, and complete discharge of all demands against the Government of Spain by the Government of the United States growing out of the claim of Antonio Maximo Mora.

Alvey A. Adee,
Acting Secretary of State.