Mr. Adee to Mr. Taylor.


You may acknowledge tender of Mora settlement when conveyed to you by minister for foreign affairs in answer to your note of 18th June, by accepting the payment to the United States, on or before 15th next September, of $1,500,000 in Spanish gold pesos in full discharge and satisfaction not only of the principal sum agreed to be paid in liquidation of the Mora claim so called, but of any and every amount that might be claimed to be due as interest on said principal sum. I add for your information that in a note dated August 13 minister of Spain describes the stipulated gold pesos as being current money in the Island of Cuba. Should minister for foreign affairs use the same phrase you will treat it as explanatory and merely emphasizing the pledge to pay in pesos and in gold, but not importing any increased difference between value of American and Spanish gold nor indicative of any purpose to make payment in Cuba.

Adee, Acting.