Mr. Adee to Mr. Taylor.


Questions as to times of payment, currency, and interest are under consideration with Spanish minister here. You will not raise or discuss these points unless expressly instructed.

Adee, Acting.


The Government of Spain will, on or before the fifteenth day of September next, pay to the United States one million five hundred thousand dollars ($1,500,000) in Spanish gold pesos, in full discharge and satisfaction not only of the principal sum agreed to be paid in liquidation of the Mora claim, so called, but of any and every amount that might be claimed to be due as interest on said principal sum.

  • Richard Olney,
    Secretary of State of the United States.
  • E. Dupuy de Lôme,
    Minister from Spain to the United States.
  • J. I. Rodriguez,
    (Counsel and Attorney in Fact for Mr. Mora),
  • Wm. D. Shipman,
    (Of counsel),
    Representing Mora and all Persons Interested in said Mora Claim.