Mr. Olney to Baron von Kettler.

No. 75.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the 2d instant, further relating to the work of the Samoan land commission. It appears that the Imperial Government thinks the sum of $2,300 may not be sufficient to cover the entire cost of the surveys, and hence, in anticipation of that event, the hope is expressed that the consular representatives at Apia be instructed, without further delay, to pay the quota of their respective Governments, provided the said quotas do not exceed reasonable limits.

In reply, I have to say that as the expenditures which the consul-general of the United States at Apia is authorized to make on account of the obligations of the general act of Berlin are appropriated by Congress, within a narrow margin of the estimated charge, this Department can not, in advance, authorize Mr. Mulligan to pay any sum in possible excess of the amount so appropriated. Should, however, additional expenses develop (which it is hoped will not be the case, in view of the prolonged attention given by their respective Governments and the repeated estimates of their agents at Apia), this Department will consider them in due course, with a view, should they be approved, to meeting them from some available fund, or, if none be found, to asking Congress for further appropriation.

I shall give Mr. Mulligan a copy of your note and of my reply for his information.


Richard Olney.