Mr. Olney to Baron von Thielmann.

No. 65.]

Excellency: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the 31st ultimo, wherein you refer to previous correspondence in relation to the restriction upon the sale of arms and ammunition in Samoa and ask the Government of the United States to join Germany and Great Britain in controlling the traffic in dynamite.

It gives me pleasure to say that a copy of your note will be forwarded to Mr. James H. Mulligan, the consul general of the United States at Apia, with an instruction directing him to extend the terms of his consular ordinance of August 17, 1895, to include dynamite and similar explosives.

He will also be directed to join with his German and British colleagues there in exerting all proper influence to the end that the ordinance issued for the municipal district of Apia may likewise be made to embrace explosives.

Accept, etc.,

Richard Olney.