Mr. Breckinridge to Mr. Olney.

No. 144.]

Sir: Our consul at Warsaw informed me, under date of September 11, that a local magistrate had shown him United States passport No. 18144, dated December 7, 1894, in favor of Anton Yablkowski, and asked him if the same kind of passport was issued to native and naturalized citizens. The consul replied in the affirmative.

I directed the consul to learn the occasion of the inquiry and report to me if it related to proceedings against an American citizen. I am now informed that the holder of the passport is detained at Meszawa, county of Meszawa, government of Warsaw. I have directed the consul to further prosecute his inquiries, and I have addressed an inquiry to the foreign office to learn the cause and purpose of the detention.

Presumably the passport was issued by the Department; but of this I have no positive information. I would be glad to receive any information your records may afford, to use, if necessary, when more is learned about the case.

I do not now send copies of the papers, as the case appears yet too ndefinite to make it necessary.

I have, etc.,

Clifton R. Breckinridge.