Mr. Uhl to Mr. Breckinridge.

No. 54.]

Sir: In connection with the Department’s No. 50, of the 3d instant, directing you to investigate and extend your good offices in the case of John Ginzberg, arrested in Russia for having, as is understood, evaded military duty, I have now to inclose for your further information a copy of a letter from his excellency the governor of Montana, of the 9th instant, covering an affidavit of John M. Lewis, of Glasgow, in that State, bearing upon the case of Mr. Ginzberg, and a printed copy of his pathetic letter detailing the features of his complaint.

Although I remarked in my previous instruction that Mr. Ginzberg had been granted a passport, and that his sworn statements corresponded with those contained in the letter from Mr. Robert M. Lewis, I send, out of abundant caution, a copy of Mr. Ginzberg’s passport application, dated October 4, 1894.

It is possible, as would appear from a remark in his printed letter of March 26 last to Mr. Lewis, that his case had been brought to your attention prior to the receipt of the Department’s No. 50, but if not, I am confident that you will upon its arrival do whatever you properly can to effect Mr. Ginzberg’s release should the facts as ascertained by you warrant your intervention in his behalf.

I am, etc.,

Edwin F. Uhl,
Acting Secretary.
[Inclosure in No. 54.]

Mr. Richards to Mr. Gresham.

Sir: I have the honor to inclose herewith for your consideration the affidavit of one John M. Lewis, of Glasgow, this State, bearing upon the case of John Ginzberg.

[Page 1083]

It appears that Ginzberg is an American citizen who is unlawfully detained by the Russian authorities and that a release can only be obtained through the kindly offices of your Department.

For your further enlightenment I also inclose a copy of a letter written by Ginzberg to Mr. Lewis, as published in the local paper. Mr. Lewis is a reputable citizen of this State, and I trust the facts set forth in his affidavit will warrant your Department in prompt and earnest efforts to secure the liberation of Ginzberg and his restoration to his home and friends.

I am, etc.,

J. E. Richards,
Governor of Montana.
[Subinclosure in No. 54.]

Affidavit of Mr. Lewis.

State of Montana, County of Valley, ss:

John M. Lewis, being first duly sworn, deposes and says that he was registry agent in Glasgow, Mont., for the general election of 1892, and that at that time one John Ginzberg exhibited to him his certificate of naturalization as a citizen of the United States of America; that he has known the said John Ginzberg for about four years and is now informed and believes that the said John Ginzberg has been deprived of his naturalization papers by the Russian authorities and is unlawfully detained at Minsk Pinsk, Loheshin, Russia. Deponent further deposes and says that he has seen the letter written by said John Ginzberg describing his detention and confinement; that he is acquainted with the signature and writing of the said John Ginzberg and has compared with a signature on file written by the said John Ginzberg, and that he has no doubt the letter was written by the identical John Ginzberg whose naturalization papers he has seen, and he further believes the said John Ginzberg to be a credible person and a good citizen of the United States of America.

John M. Lewis.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st day of May, 1895.

John J. Kerr,
Notary Public in and for Valley County, State of Montana.