Mr. Adee to Mr. Butler.

No. 45.]

Sir: I have to inform you that the President has issued his warrant authorizing William Farmer Forsee to proceed to Mexico for the purpose of taking into custody and returning to the State of Iowa for trial Chester W. Rowe, a fugitive from the justice of the United States, charged with the crime of embezzlement of public moneys and understood to be at present in the City of Mexico.

The President’s warrant and a copy of the papers in the case, authenticated under the seal of this Department, have, in accordance with the request of Governor Jackson, been sent to Mr. Forsee in care of Mr. T. T. Crittenden, consul-general of the United States at Mexico City. These should be further attested under the seal of your legation. You will then request of the Government of Mexico the surrender and delivery of the fugitive to Mr. Forsee.

I am, etc.,

Alvey A. Adee,
Acting Secretary.