Mr. Butler to Mr. Gresham.


The funeral of Minister Gray, attended by hundreds of the American colony and leading Mexican citizens under very moving conditions, was also solemnized with military honors rendered by the Mexican Government. Mr. Mariscal assured Consul-General Crittenden and myself that Minister Gray had received the highest military honors ever accorded to a foreigner in Mexico. A guard of honor sentineled the remains last [Page 995] night, and troops escorted them to the depot. President Diaz, accompanied by his cabinet, the personnel of this legation, the United States consul-general, and the entire diplomatic corps in full uniform, walked to the railroad station, a mile distant, through heat and dust, and on its departure the funeral train was dismissed with a salute of artillery. Minister Mariscal and the other cabinet officers made especially touching reference to the loss to Mexico of such a stanch friend. With full heart I conveyed to the Presidential party the appreciative thanks of the bereaved family and the assurance that the graceful and spontaneous courtesy of the Mexican Government would endear it to the American people and Government. Dispatch with newspaper clippings will be mailed to-morrow.