Mr. Dun to Mr. Olney.


The following telegram has been received from Allen, dated October 13:

This Government is now under control of King’s father and five traitors, under the guidance of Japanese. The condition of His Majesty pitiful. Queen murdered; murderers in full power. His own life in imminent peril. Compelled to act abhorrently. Can I recognize the Government under such circumstances? Chargé d’affaires of Russia has asked definite instructions and a fleet. Japanese minister states that atrocities were committed by natives disguised to represent Japanese. It is absurd. Chargé d’affaires of Russia and myself saw 30 of them leaving the royal palace just after atrocities, armed with swords. They were Japanese. Also a reliable American military officer of the Government saw Japanese troops enter into royal palace, in advance of insurgents, and they witnessed atrocities, but make [made] no attempt to prevent them. Sufficient evidence implicating Japanese minister overwhelming.