Mr. Lazo Arriaga to Mr. Gresham.


Mr. Secretary: I have the honor to transmit to your excellency a copy and translation of the convention of the 1st of April last, which put an end to the recent difficulties between Guatemala and Mexico, and which has just received the legislative sanction of both Republics.

The friendly interest of which the United States gave proof upon interposing their good offices for the purpose of preventing the continuation of a serious conflict between two neighboring nations is highly appreciated by the people and Government of Guatemala, and it is for that reason, in obedience to special instructions, that I express to your excellency, and, through your worthy medium, to His Excellency President Cleveland, the sincere acknowledgment of my country for the part which, for so noble an end, you were pleased to undertake.

I have, etc.,

Antonio Lazo Arriaga.
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Convention between Guatemala and Mexico.

The undersigned, thereunto duly authorized, after the correspondence exchanged and the conferences held between them to the end of settling in a peaceful manner, honorable alike to Guatemala and Mexico, the difficulties which have arisen between the two countries through the exercise of acts of sovereignty within the territory lying west of the Lacantun River, have agreed upon the articles following:

Article I.

Guatemala declares, as she has heretofore, that, believing it to be her right, she has exercised acts of sovereignty within the territory lying west of the Lacantun River, and therefore she has had! no intention of offending Mexico in the premises.

Article II.

Notwithstanding this, in the interest of good harmony the Government of Guatemala agrees, as a matter of equity, to indemnify the parties injured by its agents for the value of properties occupied or destroyed, and for the damages directly done to such occupation or destruction. An arbitrator mutually agreed upon shall determine the amount of such indemnity.

Article III.

The Government of Mexico waives its claim to reimbursement for the expense incurred in mobilizing troops and other warlike preparations growing out of the occupation of the lumber camps situated west of the Lacantun River by agents of the Guatemalan Government, as well as the demand made in paragraph 4 of the note of November 30, of last year, inasmuch as reason therefor no longer exists.

Article IV.

Guatemala consents to the immediate occupation by Mexico of the territory lying west of the Chixoy and Usumasinta rivers, and Mexico in turn, in the light of better data, agrees that the true intent of the boundary treaty of September 27, 1892, is that there be established definitely as the boundary line between the two countries (in so far as regards the territory comprised between the Chixoy and Pasion rivers), the parallel of latitude which, as laid down in said treaty, intersects a point 4 kilometers beyond Ixbul Hill, running thence eastwardly until it reaches the Chixoy River, where it will end, as has been maintained by Guatemala; following the middle line of the deepest channel of said river, and then that of the Usumasinta until it strikes the parallel situated 25 kiLĂ´meters south of Tenosique, in Tabasco, measured from the plaza of said town.

Article V.

Both parties accept the average of the differences in the remainder of the surveys made by the respective boundary commissions; that is, from the intersection of the Usumasinta with the second of said parallels forward, as the boundary line is described in the treaty, provided such differences shall not exceed 200 meters. Otherwise, the surveys shall be corrected by mutual agreement by the scientific commissions appointed pursuant to Article IV of said treaty; and should these commissions fail to agree, the disagreement shall be submitted to an expert arbitrator.

Article VI.

The geographical position of the Chixoy and Usumasinta rivers shall be established as follows: That of the Chixoy, from its intersection with the first parallel, referred to in Article IV of this convention, to the point where it joins the Pasion River to form the Usumasinta; and that of this last river, from such point to its meeting with the second of said parallels; erecting, besides, the monuments that may be wanting, all in accordance with the protocol of the arrangement concluded between Messrs. Jose Fernandez and Manuel Herrera on the 14th of September, 1883.

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Article VII.

This convention shall be submitted to the approval of the senate of the United Mexican States and the National Legislative Assembly of Guatemala without prejudice to its being published at once in the official organs of both Governments. The exchange of ratifications shall take place in the City of Mexico before 31st of May next.

  • Emilio de Leon. [seal.]
  • Ignacio Mariscal. [seal.]