Mr. Uhl to Mr. Vignaud .

No. 379.]

Sir: Referring to the recent correspondence between the Department and your embassy relative to the difficulties between France and the Dominican Republic, I inclose for your information a copy of a letter of the 12th instant from the president of the San Domingo Improvement Company of New York, thanking this Government for its assistance in the matter.

I am, etc.,

Edwin F. Uhl,
Acting Secretary
[Inclosure in No. 379.]

Mr. Weed to Mr. Gresham .

Dear Sir: We are in receipt to-day of a cable from Gen. Ulisse Heureaux, the President of the Dominican Republic, stating that the agreement of settlement between France and Santo Domingo has been signed and the matter closed. He desires us at the very first opportunity to thank the Government of the United States, through you, the Secretary of State, for your kind offices and assistance in this matter.

[Page 402]

We take great pleasure in so doing, and in adding our appreciation of the manner in which you have treated us and defended the rights of our company—an American company, and composed of American citizens.

With high esteem and assurances of our sincere appreciation of your cordial consideration, we beg to remain, etc.,

Smith M. Weed,