Mr. Gresham to Mr. Eustis.

No. 347.]

Sir: I herewith transmit a copy of a letter2 from Smith M. Weed, esq., president of the San Domingo Improvement Company of New York, an American corporation.

Mr. Weed complains that, by virtue of contracts between his company and the Government of Santo Domingo and in pursuance of the law of that Republic, the company is in possession of and is administering the Dominican custom-houses for the security and reimbursement of moneys due to it by that Government. He further states that the French Government has presented certain claims against Santo Domingo and is about to take action to compel payment of them. The action contemplated, it is thought, involves either a seizure of the custom-houses by France or such a demonstration of force as will compel the Dominican authorities to take possession of them for the purpose of speedily providing the necessary funds to meet the French claims. Either course would injuriously affect the company’s rights.

You will, therefore, notify the French Government of the rights of the American company in the custom-houses and customs revenues of Santo Domingo, in order that they may be protected in any action France may take for the enforcement of her claims.

I am, etc.,

W. Q. Gresham
  1. Not printed.